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Water Filter

General Description

EVA water filtration technology lets you drink remineralised water close to the best natural water It is Designed in an its unique filtration process, the volcanic rocks on different levels of filtration that release a mineral complement rich in oligo-elements, Selected and extracted from pristine clean regions far away from pollution, the EVA rocks diffuse a number of minerals into the filtered and purified water. These rocks also help with the stabilization of the pH level of the water after filtration. it benifits by not only contributing essential elemens for good physiological blance but also attribute to the very tast of water.
Eva Advanced Water Filtration System:
* Is healthy
* Is economical
* Eco-friendly germ resistant as
* scientifically proven by independent laboratories
* user-frindly
* Ideal for the home or small officenlimited guarantee
* Is accredited
* Is Provieded with limited guarantee



12L = 65cm (h) x 32cm (diameter at base)
12L holds 4L in upper tank and 8L in lower tank