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A.N. Woven Bulk Bag Ind. Ltd  

Company Profile :

A.N. Woven Bulk Bag Ind. Ltd. (ANWB) has emerged as a catalyst in the world of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) since year 2008. In this venture, it has envisioned three fundamental elements as a Key to its success. First of all, it is focuses on individual customer need. Secondly, ensure proper use of resources in sustainable manner. And lastly, provide integrated solution for supply chain management. Therefore, the goal of ANWB is to provide cost effective and environment friendly solution to individual packaging need in timely fashion by the means of professionalism. Nowadays, ANWB is focusing on the need of jumbo bag in Agriculture, Chemical and Construction Industry. The utility of a bulk container is perceived not only by its load bearing capacity but also its cost effectiveness. Therefore, ANWB has made an effort to promote user friendly jumbo bag in a formation of U-Panel with 2 Side Panel from the very beginning. ANWB also realizes the need for sustainable sourcing. In fact, it believes that it has to develop an understanding to protect the Mother Nature. Thus, it has established relationship with a group of certified suppliers in both home and abroad who have been very sincere on sustainable management of environment. As a part of their social commitment, they recognize the importance of waste management, workers safety, and environment pollution. A.N.Woven Bulk Bag Ind.Ltd. Wants to attain its customer satisfaction by the means of proper care and service. Thus, it has a team of professionals who understand that "getting it right from the very beginning" is the key to a successful relationship. At the same time, it has designed an integrated solution which aims towards a very effective supply chain management. In this respect, it has developed a tracking system commonly known as "Critical Path Method". Which aims to prevent any loss of time for on time delivery of goods and services. Ordinances hear dictate that it must complement the customer satisfaction-by means of proper care and contribute to the quality of service
1. Total Area of the Factory Building :
150, 000 square feet
2. Total Number of Employees : 152 Persons
4. Year of Commencement in Manufacturing : June 2006
5. Production Capacity : 450 MT/Month
6. Customer Base : Cement, Fertilizer, Poultry & Fish Feed Industry. Rice, Flour, Sugar, Salt & Spinning Mills.